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"Welcome to the world of Amaranthine. You may not remember much about what has happened in your life before today, but that will come back to you in time. However, there are more pressing matters at hand. Today, you will make a choice that will change your future."

Amaranthine: Reborn takes place shortly after an event known as The Calamity - a collection of Holy Wars that reduced all of society to nothingness. By the will of the Gods, the world was created, and by that same will it was destroyed. At least, it was almost destroyed. You stand amongst the few strong (or lucky) enough to have survived the Calamity, those who in their past lives may have had more versatility, or the knowledge of where best to hide, or simply how to survive. Whatever your reason, it is of little importance now. With old ranks or titles counting for nothing in this new world, your past life is over. Now you must adapt, and create a new identity for yourself. You must become someone strong enough to survive. However, you will need allies.

Following the Calamity, many of the Old Gods exiled themselves from Amaranthine. Of the Seventeen, only two remained; Lord Nivicus, God of Everything yet Nothing, and Lord Sekheimos, God of War.

Lord Nivicus watches over Amaranthine as an Inquisitor, acting out the will of both the Council of the Aether and the High Council. Having revoked the title from many of his Chosen, those who remain carry out His will from the shadows.

Lord Sekheimos, however, deals more openly. Having seen his victory fold out before him, his interest in the Artefact is now simply a matter of control, not power. By His will and the actions of the Myrmidons of Zion, he is seen by many as the largest threat.

However, there are those who do not follow the Gods. The individual known as Alyzanae, and her group of mercenaries and assassins known as Laevateinn work only for the highest bidder, rather than placing their trust in the Old Gods. Still, if a job needs doing, Laevateinn will see that it is done right.

On the other hand, Lord Tempis has recently declared his intent to reunite the Twin-Headed Dragon stating humanity has no want to be saved, a statement open to interpretation. Two of the most dangerous Gods when united soon to be brought together again, what would you do?

Whilst you may see others: thieves, vagabonds, rogues...the fate of Amaranthine rests in the hands of those factions. Not in the hands of the individuals, but rather in the hands of those who support them. Do you make your fortunes as a Laevateinn Mercenary? Do you serve Lord Sekheimos in honour, or appeal to Lord Nivicus to recieve his Gift? Though your decisions may seem simple, every action and every choice will reshape the world.

Amaranthine will be Reborn, but it is up to you how.


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