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Front view

Located in Zion, The newest addition to the arsenal of the Sentinels is that of the first Cairne-class Frigate, codenamed Bedivere. With a cutting edge generator design and weapon emplacements heavily based on the school of Elementalism and an efficient, aerodynamic structure influenced by the moon, the ship itself is a huge leap in the fusion of Aether manipulation and technology.

Boasting a dual lava-based main weapon located inside of the crescent shape for long range battle, along with several conduits designed to channel lightning energy for close range attack and defense.

Due to its magnanimously powerful generator, involving complex mechanisms with the differing elements of both Fire and Water (both universal to the school of Elementalism), it can reach extremely high speeds without diverting too much power from weaponry and defensive systems.
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Generator Full view

The vessel itself was engineered and constructed by Lord Kelaran Himself, and peaks at optimal performance only when He is piloting, though any Sentinel can indeed pilot it, given sufficient training.

Unfortunately, as a trade-off for both high speeds and powerful weaponry, it has the distinct weakness of very thin armor and low overall durability. The generator itself requires an engineer to monitor during intense use. In all, a basic Cairne-class requires, at minimum, half a dozen crewmembers, but when piloted by Lord Kelaran, barely three other crew members are required.
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Generator window view

The Cairne-class is an airship built with offense in mind, sacrificing defense for a more powerful offense and maneuverability. In order to take advantage of the ship's weak armor, one must be able to firstly damage it, which is a feat in and of itself.

All Cairne-class ships are based on the Bedivere, which is the most powerful of its class. Future Cairne-class Frigates will be constructed as the Sentinels require.

With project Vimana making great strides and its status as Lord Kelaran's future flagship, the Cairne-class Frigate has been displaced into a more support-styled craft, still with an emphasis on harrassing enemy ships with hit-and-run tactics.