Wanderer the final color

Elder Damian..or as we called him back home, Hellion. This Elder was feared within the inter faction war of the Wanderers, the war "Died" down. He vanished on us, no one heard from the man for years. Suddenly he came to us, though he did not seem the same. He had Sewn his mouth shut, and what i could describe was pure evil was rampent in his eyes, he slowly raised his hand to us and fire formed slowly, now this was at the time wanderers couldn't learn magic, we just had no ability to do so! He held on tightly to his staff which had a skull on it (which was probably his most recent kill). Our current "Leader" asked him where he had learned such a skill, he only responded by pointing down and what i could call "laughing" in a manical form.

After coming across his tower i have placed this record of my past memory of him with a drawing included

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