A multi-corporate conglomerate based in Locke, GeldWatson Holdings is owned primarily by Evierre Geld and Samael Watson, both responsible for the firm's creation and success.

GeldWatson Holdings has Four primary subsidaries:

  • Archangel Systems - Weapons manufacturer and retailer.
  • OmniTrans Solutions - Vehicle production, ranging from personal craft to large-scale aircraft.
  • Goldbites Co-operative - A food grower, processor and retailer
  • Galactic Research - Geld's private engineering research firm.

Goldbites is the largest source of income for the conglomerate due to it's self-sufficient nature and the high demand of it's products. Omnitrans solutions however, struggles to make profit due to lack of real-estate for product development and construction, much of it's turnover is redirected towards rent and transport costs. Archangel systems continues to grow, selling armaments and defence contracts to various customers across Amaranthine.

Galactic Research is the only company in the conglomerate that does not redirect profits into the company pool, reinvesting all turnover from engineering projects into private research contracts, most under the name of one Evierre Geld.