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Komid's house.

Komid originally revealed his presence via a book in a chest nearby spawn, after the tournament on October 1st, and revealed that he is Tondier. The exact contents of the book has been lost, due to a magical mishap. The basis of the book is that Komid has noticed us, and wanted us to visit him and his town (who he claims to protect).

The actual town is deserted, along with Komid who claims to be away on business. It appears to be well maintained, as it is not in ruins and has freshly planted crops.

Update 12/21: The town is destroyed after Komid's impromptu party ends explosively.

Tondier has reported to have done trade with the town, calling it agricultural and claims not to have remembered Komid on his visit.GunXShinobi previously visited the town on an assassination mission, after the town's inhabitants deserted it.

Town co-ordinates:X=376,Z= -756

Komid's house co-ordinates=X=450,Z=-740

Questions and answers
How long have you known of us?-Tondier As I said in my note, I recently found your society
Tell us what you know of the entity "X"- Lord Nivicus Not much. All I hear (from him) is a booming voice

Why have you come here all of a sudden


I've been here, what do you mean?
Will you reveal yourself to us soon?-Gunxshinobi

I would, but I've been busy in preparation

What do you know about the Hero?- Lord Nivicus Followup: (there is a chance there was a message before this) Sofar, I've seen a pyramid with "Hero" in (it)
Do you need anything from us?-VonCreeper Not yet
Do you practice any form of magic?-WolfHuntic You mean the Aether?
Have you met any great dangers?-Jester Skeletons are a bit of a challenge, but thats about it

How did you survive the Calamity? -Lord Kelaran The same way the rest of you did. luck and skill.
Why do you not show yourself? -Lord Kelaran Preparation.
What do you know of the Von Boons? Where are Rose/Leon Von Boon? -Lord Kelaran Keepers of Boonville, I believe? Not entirely sure. I thought the von Boon family died out?
Yeah I like Pancakes. Do you like Toast? Yeah, I like waffles. Do you like pancakes?
Do you need "help"? If so with what -Gun everything is fine do not help
Does the name "Sekheimos" say anything? Other than that he is the God of War? -Alyzanae Nope.

Note: The questions and answers are written using signs, so anything in italicized parenthesis is assumed