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Laevateinn Insignia

Luna is the place of residence for the faction Laevateinn.

No one is really sure who first found Luna. It was established before The Calamity took place. However it got nearly wiped out before the actual war even happened.

After The Calamity, Alyzanae began populating the ruins of the town with her dolls in hopes of scaring the local wildlife and the war itself away from the ruins and her home.

After the war had ended, Alyzanae began pulling her dolls away from the ruins, preparing for an eternal slumber, until the old portal to the town suddenly lit up, someone setting foot into the ruins. The mysterious person left the ruins shortly after. It is not known if he met Alyzanae. This inspired Alyzanae to began rebuilding the beautiful town once more.

Nowadays, Luna has been rebuilt again to it's former glory, and it keeps expanding ever more.