• Full Name: Miss Rebecca Yew
  • Alias: Miss Bek
  • Birthplace: Lifa
  • Age: 25
  • Height: 5"5'
  • Status: Alive
  • Culture : Commoner
  • Faction Allegiance: Myrmidons
  • Class: Rogue

Entry 1.Edit

I awake in a strange place. I am some form of forest that I do not recognise. The last thing I remember, oh god, was that real or a nightmare? Where am I? There is a tall building nearby, the tallest I have ever seen in my life. I am going to go and see what it is and if any body is there to help cast light on my, situation.

Entry 2.Edit

At the tower, I found some messages regarding nearby settlements. I went to the closest one, it was the land of the alliance, lead by Zorgy . I decided to settle down here for a while until I came to grips with what is going on.

Entry 3.Edit

I had settled down for a few months, until Zorgy suddenly disappeared. With no other neighbours I felt unsafe in the now desolate town. I remembered the other settlements mentioned in the tower, so I travelled to the land of Zion . A prestigous fortress city. I set up home and shop here.

Entry 4.Edit

I was living at Zion for a while until I heard from an old friend from my childhood. She was currently residing in Sanctuary and she convinced me to move their. I did so as I didn't really know anybody else, I thought everyone I knew had...

Entry 5.Edit

I felt very, welcomed, here. A bit too much, but at least there was people here to buy from my shop. As time went on however, the number of, monsters I guess you could call them, kept increasing each month and it was becoming difficult to keep safe, especially at night.

Entry 6.Edit

After discussion with the leader of these lands, regarding the safety of the town, Shieldheart told me about The Gift. How it can stop these monsters from attacking you. It seemed too good to be true. I was then explained the downfalls of this, but the attacks were getting too bad, I never knew how to fight, so I decided to be blessed.

Entry 7.Edit

Lord Nivicus. The God himself, was posing as Shieldheart. Why? I don't know, but there is talk about something called the artefact. It is said to grant the wish of whoever holds all of the elements. What this means exactly, I do not know. It makes me weary that there might be some competition between the settlements for this wish. Word is out that the first location has been decythered. So I guess the great chase starts here.

Entry 8.Edit

The Sentinels of Zion achieved the first element, earth. It was, an interesting outing.

Entry 9.Edit

Ah, well this next quest was quite interesting indeed. There he was. My old leader. Zorgy himself. He was in the realm of the gods , so I assumed he died. He held the element of air and challenged everyone to battle for it. It was Laevateinn that eventally won this one. They are a group of mercenaries, worshipping no God.

Entry 10.Edit

The number people under Lord Nivicus seemed to be declining, the other two main 'factions' had scored themselves an element, but we have none. It appears the Lord is not doing anything to lead us to victory. He takes us all to view a new city. It appears that near to this city, is the location of yet another element, that of water. A moment where I am glad to have his Gift, but I am mainly not. I was so close to getting the element. I felt failed, and it was won yet again by the Sentinels. I wonder if I had stayed there...

Entry 11.Edit

I am getting quite frustrated now. I am a devoted follower but I feel I am following for nothing. This gift is also becoming more of a curse. Tonight, I am going to travel to Zion.

Entry 12.Edit

I went in search of Lord Kelaran. I knew he could free me from this, curse. He treated me with no judgements and cured me. I felt so welcomed here by all of the Sentinels, I decided to finally pluck up this new found courage and left The Chosen.

Entry 13.Edit

We ended up soon after on the race to the final element. Now, I am currently unalligned. However, I am on the side of the Sentinels, but this is kept to myself, until the time is right.

Entry 14.Edit

The time came for me to be of some importance. At the end of this, goose chase, for the element to be unlocked, two must sacrfice their souls. I decided to put myself forward. I knew if I somehow got the element, Nivicus would try to take it from me, so I sacraficed my soul for the good of the Sentinels. I believed they could do it. Tondier got the element, but. It appeared he was not alligned with the Sentinels anymore...

Entry 15.Edit

It also appears we was decieved once again. Lord Keleran, was actually the God of War, Sekheimos . All hell broke loose at this point. I was given the task of guarding the elements. Alyzanae was chasing us down, until the final blows, we gave Sekheimos back the elements we had and it appeared he then had them all. Also, at this point, Lord Nivicus disbanded the Chosen and destroyed Sancutary. I am glad I left when I did. Was on the side of Sekheimos all along?? It was an eventful night which ended in Sekheimos making his wish. To go back to before the calamity. We all was sent back to a place called Locke , some time before the calamity. Time travel.. is this even real??

Entry 16.Edit

When we arrived in this, great city, we were greated by a familliar face. It was Shieldheart. He was not the Shieldheart we knew however as he was actually Lord Nivicus, but Shieldheart died during the calamity. So this proves something I guess, unless it is another façade...

Entry 17.Edit

We also then met the king of this city, King Caiaphas. He is also Shieldhearts cousin. It was here that made me reflect. If this was truely the past.. they would still be alive.. hearing the mention of the goddess of life, reminded me of my home. I wish I could find it, but I have no idea where I am or where to even start looking...

Entry 18.Edit

There seemed to be some tension when the King found out about some prophecy. The Chosen One will defeat the Great One. The King seemed to think he was this Great One it spoke of, and became, paranoid.

Entry 19. Edit

The King thought the Chosen One was Shieldheart... in which he was declared wanted by the King. He was to be executed if caught. After a showdown with the King... we ran away with him, to a nearby clock tower. Coincidentally, this was a portal back to Amaranthine. We took him with us. Back... to the future?

Entry 20.Edit

Apparently, this 'time-travel' was actually, travel to a different plane of the same timeline, which we had changed, but all we had changed in our timeline is that we had brought people from the other plane into our own. I wonder how this will turn out. Back in Amaranthine however, I set up my home in the land of Zion, and continued to think about my dear homelands...

Entry 21.Edit

Ah, de ja vu. The quest for the elements is repeating. Tondier, who was actually Komid, had formed his own faction. There was two elements in play this time, I felt confident but however, Komid and his faction won them both. It makes me wonder though, who you can trust to be who they say they are... hm. I think it's time for me to learn to defend myself.

Entry 22.Edit

Since last time, I have taught myself in the way of a rogue, I hope to improve with a bow also. I set up my own farm and shop in Zion as a way of getting by and for something to do when not, on a search. There has been an influx in visitors so I hope to take advantage of this. Ah yes the Elements, I got to the chamber (underneath a great land of trees, it was beautiful... ) where two of the elements should of been, but Shieldheart had took them. To protect us.. von Creeper won the next two, by a grand fire chase. Then a tournament, Wolf Huntic decided to team up with Shieldheart to claim the elements by teamwork.. yeah right.. surprisingly Wolf Huntic wished to become demigod, apparently to be a saviour of mankind... but there are no heroes left in man... I haven't seen him since. Nivicus is collecting followers to give him the Elements, he says he has the best intentions, he was also granting wishes if you joined him, seeing as he created the Artefact. My loyalties lie with Lord Sekheimos. I will fight for him until the end.