Nemors, one of the Old Gods, is the god of Death, associated with the element of fire. Along with all of the Old Gods, he too personified himself in the Calamity wars and, to a certain extent, took part in the near-annihilation of society, albeit quite reluctantly, more out of duty than any other cause.

To describe his personality, a single word can be used: melancholy. As the god of Death, his domain is the afterlife, and his duty is to ferry the souls of the deceased to that end. Naturally, when one deals with the prospect of the dead and dying mortals for all of existence, it is hard to keep a positive outlook on their fates. As such, he holds no illusions over the fates of all mortals, as it is very much true that all mortals will indeed meet him someday, but under what circumstances is the true mystery of mortal life.

It is worth noting that Nemors by no means enjoys his duties, in fact, given the opportunity, he would likely trade with another god. However, he understands that it is impossible for another god to do what he does, and as such, resigns to his fate with a sort of melancholy dedication. Truthfully, he feels almost sorrowful for every mortal soul that he must come in contact with. To assume that he revels in the death of mortals would be a grave misunderstanding, and would come as quite the insult to him as well.

His other hobbies include fine-tuning his chess skills, a favorite pastime of his.