Noctus, God of Darkness, is an anomaly even amongst the other deities. Aligned with Earth and representing the deep darkness of the subterranean earth, many childrens' tales were centered around him and the various monsters spawned from the darkness of the deep caverns. In the present age, the Maelstrom Campaign and the Serpentia affair are both credited to be due to his actions and the actions of his followers.

Interestingly enough, he is seen as the patron deity of miners. Miners often held prayer services before a large operation, pleading for the blessing of Darkness in order to safely traverse the depths to locate sources of riches and fuel. Many mining towns were very disrespectful of outsiders, hostile, even. Followers of Darkness saw outsiders as unable to accept their customs, and most, if not all of their settlements kidnapped travelers and adventurers to use in their cult worship of Noctus. Stories told by merchants and traders who ventured to such towns warned adventurers to stay away, lest they never return.

More merchant and traders' tales told of the Deep Ones, long lost beings who resided deep beneath the surface. As the story goes, if a miner enounters a Deep One, characterized by their nature as a formless mass of Dark, their mind would be forever Darkened, leading to madness, necrosis, and eventually death.

Another common Pre-Calamity tale, this one told to children told of how the Night came to be, led to the common child's fear of the Dark. It spoke of Noctus, the God of Darkness, forever sleeping in the bowels of the earth, the source of the echoes often heard when traveling deep underground. Every night, the God of Darkness, himself described as a formless mass of inky blackness, lacking a true 'body', would allow his breath to seep up from the crevices and caves on the surface, tainting the sky black and corrupting the sun into its lunar counterpart. The story also went on to explain, in detail, the effect of prolonged exposure to the night had on young children.

While the stories themselves are almost entirely hearsay and myth, one element of their stories is frighteningly accurate. Not a single salvaged text from known Noctus worship sites references a divine revelation from the god himself, a startling difference compared to other deities. At most, they describe Noctus as the "Dark Lord".

Amongst his deified peers, he was considered an oddity, as he kept his form hidden from nearly all of the other gods. Due to this fact, the more aggressive deities, such as Sekheimos and Videth, treated him as a coward who never showed his face. Noctus, fed up with his lack of respect amongst the other Gods, began the Maelstrom Campaign in a bid for vengeance.