• Full Name: Vincent Jilliad von Boon
  • Alias: Shieldheart, The Chosen One
  • Birthplace: Skyedale
  • Birth Year: 998KL
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Status: Gifted
  • Culture: Magi
  • Faction Allegiance: None
  • Group Allegiance: None
  • Class: Hero


Vincent von BoonEdit

Vincent von Boon (later known as Shieldheart) was born in 998KL, many years prior to the Calamity.

Unlike his younger siblings, Leon and Rose, Vincent was born not in Boonville, but rather Skyedale (seemingly due to his parents having been travelling at the time, and they were forced to stop their movements to reach the nearest medical facility).

Early LifeEdit

Vincent von Boon, formerly known as the Earl of Boonville (a courtesy peerage from his father, the Duke of Boon).

Growing up in a very privileged society, Vincent was trained as both a warrior and a mage from an early age. Though a loner by nature, he formed a rather bizarre bond with one who could be called his polar opposite; his cousin, Caiaphas of Locke.

As a boy, he would often travel to Locke to visit his older, and much more ruthless cousin.

The Locke IncidentsEdit

It was Vincent who convinced his father to abdicate his position when Caiaphas began his "campaign" to gain the throne, and it was through this abdication that Caiaphas was crowned the new King following the death of King Nataniel the Magnificent.

Whilst sent by his father on Council, and personal business to Locke, Vincent first (canonically) encountered the Rabble. It was here that he, and they first heard the writings of the Novella dux Prophex, and first encountered the Agents of Nemors.


Vincents demise finally came at Skyedale. Having switched his alliegence from Lord Sekheimos to Lord Nivicus, Skyedale was assaulted in what is presumed to have been an act of revenge. None from Skyedale seemingly survived.

The AwakeningEdit

However, shortly after the Awakening Shieldheart was once again encountered by the Rabble, now leading the Church of Nivicus.

Calling himself High Priest Shieldheart welcomed the newly Awakened with open arms, offering them eternal peace in His Promised Lands. Forming The Chosen as a "new" branch of the Nivician Church, he acted as de facto leader, and was the only individual with direct contact to Lord Nivicus.

Some time after the Awakening, during a tournament organised on order of Lord Nivicus, it was revealed that Shieldheart was amongst those who died during the battle at Skyedale, and the man the Awakened got to know as Shieldheart was, in fact, Lord Nivicus himself, taking on a shell of his former general.

A monument to Shieldheart once stood in what was formerly Sanctuary.