Greetings, player. If you're here, chances are you want to know how to format your character profile page on the wiki correctly. Previously, we had no strict rulings on the profile layout, but this made it somewhat difficult to find the basic information regarding any specific player.

As a result, it is now new wiki policy to include this template filled in at the top of your character page. This template you should be able to fill in entirely, but if for whatever reason you find yourself unable to include any specfic section, then simply remove it from the template as opposed to leaving it blank (the only exception to this being Faction/Group Allegiance, which should be stated as "None").

The TemplateEdit

Naturally, this should be written without use of meta-game knowledge. If you secrely owe allegiance to a faction or group, you need not include them here. This is only for people to know where your character stands in regards to the current Amaranthine story. As a result, we ask that you keep this up to date, and try to refrain from making any large changes with regards to your story.

Full Name: Character full name
Alias: Names you are known by
Birthplace: The place of your birth
Birth Year: If known
Age: If Birth Year unavailable due to being crazy old
Height: In feet and inches, preferably
Status: Alive, Dead, Gifted
Culture : Please see the Tutorial - Cultures page
Faction Allegiance: What faction you belong to
Group Allegiance: Groups, such as The Council, The Chosen, Assassins, etc.
Class: Your current class

Pre-Calamity TemplateEdit

Whilst this will not be applicable to many, and isn't compulsory for the format of a character page, it can provide easy access to additional factors about your characters backstory. Include only those that you feel necessary for your characters story.

Title: Any official title held by your character Pre-Calamity (eg. Earl of Boon)
Occupation: Your former occupation (eg. Soldier)
Patron God(s): The God(s) worshipped by your character
Hometown: The town you lived in, not necessarily where you were born
Alliegence: Any former groups/factions you belonged to (eg. Boonville Army)
Relations: Any notable family members (please note, these must have their own page)

Full ExampleEdit

Full Name: Geoff Geoffreys

Alias: Geoffrey

Birthplace: Boonville

Height: 6'6"

Age: 31

Status: Alive

Culture: Noble

Faction Alliegence: None

Group Alliegence: None

Class: Warrior


Title: Major-General

Occupation: Soldier

Patron God: Lord Sekheimos

Hometown: Boonville

Alliegence: The Royal Boonville Army

Relations: Jeff Geoffreys (brother)