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The Clock Tower of the City of Gold

The City of Gold, also known as "Divitius' Haven" was once the most notable city on the continent of Marast . It is considered the one location in all of Marast that had technology and prosperity similar to that seen widespread on Amaranth , rivalling even Locke itself.

The City of Gold is notable for housing various buildings of interest. Primarily, it is the home of Amaranthine Radio; once a constant broadcast across all of Amaranthine showcasing music and providing news to all with means to listen.

However, beyond the technological prowess, the City of Gold was also notable for it's connection to the Aether . Given that, beyond simply being a sign of wealth, Gold is highly conductive of Aether energy, many areas lend themselves greatly to use from The Council and the Gods themselves.

As a result, buildings such as the Elemental Tower, the Elemental Gardens, The Public Forum of the Council of the Aether, and even the Towers of the Gods found their home in the City of Gold.

Perhaps most notable, and certainly one of the largest tourist sights pre-Calamity was Divitius' Theatre, a grand arena devoted to the God of Wealth himself. Whilst occasionally housing theatrical and operetta performances its primary use was that of gladiatorial battles.