The Orion is an old bow used by Alyzanae von Scarlet. It is considered a relic from the old world. Despite it's old age, it doesn't have a single scratch on it.

Myth says that it is crafted from the same wood as the furniture in Von Scarlet Mansion. The source of this wood is unknown to this day.

The Orion was once able to shoot ice spikes instead of arrows, but this enchantment has been long worn off, the schematics to re-enchant has been lost as well.

The Orion V2Edit

The Matryoshka is equipped with a front-end ballista-like cannon named The Orion V2. It uses the same concept as the enchanted Orion, except in bigger form. The Orion V2 requires no reloading, as the ice spikes are generated inside the barrel, but too much usage may cause it to overheat.