The Goddess of Truth, Videth, is one of the Old Gods, attuned with the Element of Air. She was seen as the patron deity of Justice, and many police and judicial powers were dedicated to her.

The many lawyers and judges in the judicial systems of the world prior to the Calamity swore oaths of fealty and honesty to her, in order to preside over both civil and criminal cases. Those who took this oath gained the uncanny ability to sense a lie, forcing defendant lawyers to adopt roundabout methods to prove their clients not guilty. Lawyers and law officials who did not swear to Videth often instead followed Imperito, God of Order. Defendant lawyers, more often than not, served under the banner of Redemption, seeking to provide the convicted with a second chance at freedom.

Due to this dynamic, followers of Videth and Kelaran were often at odds with each other due to the inherent conflict in philosophy. Fittingly, the deities themselves often warred with each other. In the Calamity wars, Kelaran's main military force, the Sentinels, and Videth's armies, known collectively as the Seekers, held the dubious record of most battles fought against a single enemy force. Interestingly enough, they held more battles against one another than even Vitaan and Nemors (the former's followers detested battle and always fought defensively, while the latter's were tied up with fending off the King's forces).

To her fellow deities, she is spoken of with respect openly, but several of her bretheren speak of ill behind her back due to her involvement in the Serpentia affair.

Amongst various criminal circles, and in many prisons, she was given the derogatory title of "Goddess of Sin".