Vix, one of The Old Gods, is the goddess of Nature, specifically attuned to the Element of Earth. She is often hailed as the most beautiful of the goddesses and was known to be quite easy to approach spiritually during the days pre-Calamity. As with all of the Old Gods, she too entered the land of Amaranthine during the wars, but specifically to defend her followers and to attempt to preserve the natural life of the world as well.

Vix was quite often revered among the early Amaranthians for her down-to-earth morals and peaceful disposition. She never openly took part in any conflict and always denied requests for her direct intervention in them. As such, for a time, she enjoyed the position of the most loved deity. Several of the other gods, wary of the power she was gaining amongst the mortal populace, took indirect action to discredit her via informing their own followers' of truths then known only by the other deities. The resulting cold war left all who knew of it fearful of the future. The tensions would eventually lead up to the Maelstrom Campaign and the corresponding Serpentia affair.

However, even as peaceful as she apeared to the mortals, the other gods all knew better, as much like the green vines growing alongside the walls of an old, decrepit building, she had her hand in nearly every affair pre-Calamity, albeit never openly. She is now credited for manipulating several key meetings in the history of early Amaranthine in order to indirectly benefit herself and her followers. The exact methods she used are still unknown to this day.

In the admittedly few battles she took part in, survivors and other witnesses told tales of her "unbarred fury like a hurricane, with swift, unmerciful wrath." Vix is, in fact, one of the more powerful of the gods, as her power grows in proportion to the strength of the world.

During her personification in the Calamity wars, rumors often circulated about her seducing her mortal enemies with promises of power, victory, or even simple pleasure, only to give them a single, poison kiss. One that would prove to be their last.