Matthew "Konsal" Zorgy was the founder of the Alliance, a defunct faction known for their status as followers of Xinos, the God of Chaos.

In the days of the Calamity, Zorgy was a follower and devout commander serving under Sekheimos, the God of War, across many of the god's military campaigns. However, during a losing battle against an as of yet unknown force, the god abandoned Zorgy and his squad against insurmountable forces in a tactical move designed to divert enemy attention.

However, Zorgy somehow survived the ordeal, only to become disillusioned with the God of War, losing his faith in the process.

He would go on to found the Alliance, a faction once dedicated to creating a democratic secular human society. After being destroyed by the combined might of the Gods and their disgust at such a society, the remains of the Alliance, along with Zorgy himself, were approached by Xinos and given a "blessing" of Chaos, an attribute many would label as madness. The group would go on to live in hiding for many years at a small outpost.

Recent ActionsEdit

During the Element of Air incident, Zorgy and the Alliance finally revealed themselves in a bold move to take the Element before any of the Factions arrived on the scene. After their discovery of the Alliance Outpost, Zorgy challenged the entirety of Amaranthine to a tournament of single combat, with the prize being the Element of Air itself. The tournament itself would be held in the Realm of the Gods, where everyone would be bound by the Old Rules, written by the Gods themselves specifically to be followed in the Realm. While many were at first excited by the prospect of winning the Element for their respective factions, their collective enthusiasm was curbed with the discovery that due to his affiliation with a God aligned with Air, Zorgy received a significant boon to his attributes and skills due to his possession of the Element of Air.

With his newfound power and his apparently complete knowledge of every school of Aether manipulation, he made short work of nearly every combatant. It was only until GunxShinobi appeared that Zorgy was defeated in an intense battle, and the Element therefore secured for Alyzanae and Laevateinn.

After losing the Element, Zorgy was forced to stand trial for his actions against Amaranthine, her Council, and also for his unsanctioned Aether manipulation. The Council found him guilty with his penalty being death. His sentence was carried out on the spot.

Thus, another veteran of the Calamity takes the final step into Oblivion.